Jeojildo Pereira, S.Kom
Lecturer at Instituto Profissional de Canossa (IPDC)
Avenida Haslaran Delta Comoro Dili Timor-Leste
E-mail : pjeojildo[at]gmail[dot]com
Blog : jeojildo[dot]wordpress[dot]com

  • D3 - Diploma's Degree of Technical Computer and Informatics (TCI) at Instituto Profissional de Canossa (IPDC) Dili Timor-Leste - 2008
  • S1 - Bachelor's Degree of Informatics Engineering at Higher School of Informatics and Computer STMIK AKAKOM Yogyakarta Indonesia - 2012

  • Staff Information System at IPDC - 2008
  • Computer Based Test System (Case study: Semester Exam Questions STMIK AKAKOM Yogyakarta) - 2012
  • The Effects of Intensity of Using Social Media on the Learning Activities of Informatics Engineering Students at Five Higher Educations in Timor-Leste” funded by the Ministry of Education Timor-Leste - 2017

Skill and Tools
  • Programming Language: PHP, Java and Python
  • Database: MariaDB/MySQL and MongoDB